25 Witnessing

Witnessing – God’s call for each member

PURPOSE: Every true disciple of Christ is born again as a missionary.
FOCUS: If you are not a missionary then you are a mission field.

IE: Man in snowstorm, saves himself by saving another person.
That’s why the great commission was Jesus last words to His disciples…

Matt 28:18-20
How much power has Jesus received? Jesus doesn’t know failure. How many does Jesus want to be baptized and become His disciples? IE: the church is not a social club. How much of what Jesus has commanded are we to teach? How long is Jesus with us? Go out. Don’t sit still and wait. Actively look for opportunities. Jesus loves evangelism.
He said this at the end of His ministry, what did He say in the beginning?

Matt 4:19
What is the definition of a follower of Christ? Is like Jesus – fisher of people. If you are not a missionary you are a mission field (Acts 4:20).
Isn’t it the pastor’s job to take care of evangelism?

Eph 4:11-12
Who are the pastor’s supposed to train for service? IE: sheep – not shepherds – make more sheep. It is a grave mistake to think that everything is up to the pastor (Acts 8:1, 4). Witnessing is not a spiritual gift. IE: Don’t feed the animals (Heb 5:12). IE: Discipleship method (1/yr – ca 30 yrs) vs. super pastor (100 000/day – 192 years).
What will happen if we don’t share?

Ezek 33:8-9
What will God do with the lost’s blood if we knowingly neglect to reach them? Is this a salvational issue? (Luke 9:26).
What method should we use?

Rev 22:17
Everyone who has heard the gospel invitation is to carry it on to others. How do we do that? Answer: Speak (Rom 10:13-15). IE: Don’t just witness silently. Everyone who has a tongue can witness. Be social, come close to people. Show a genuine interest.
What do we talk about?

1 Pet 1:23
Through what does a person become born again? The Word of God is critically important for a person to believe. Preaching is not necessarily public (Acts 8:35, 20:20). IE: correspondence Bible courses, witnessing, DVD/video, internet.
Personal efforts are needed in order to reach people. We see that in the following Bible story…

John 1:35-42
What is the first thing Andrew does when he begins following Jesus? Family. IE: You
are maybe not Peter, but you can win a Peter.
Let’s look at another person who began following Jesus…

John 1:43-51
What is the first thing Philip did when he began following Jesus? Nathanael had prejudices. Philip’s personal efforts broke them down.
Let’s look at a third example…

Luke 8:30-39
How long had this man known Jesus? What mission does Jesus give him? He shared his personal testimony: how was my life before I met Jesus, how I met Jesus and how my life changed (Acts 22:3-21). Everyone can share something. The fruit of his work was great (Mark 7:31-8:9).
What is the purpose of evangelism?

John 4:35-38
What blessings do those who sow and reap receive? (Prov 11:25). IE: Personal experience. Don’t be negative or think that there won’t be a harvest. (Luke 10:2). Don’t look down on small beginnings (Zach 4:10). Don’t take the glory to yourself if you begin to see success, instead rejoice with the angels (Luke 15:10).
What is Jesus waiting for before He returns?

Matt 24:14
What will go to the whole world before the end comes? (Rev 14:6)

Is it your desire to hasten Jesus second coming by praying for and making personal efforts to reach one person for Christ each year?