20 Spirit of Prophecy

The Spirit of Prophecy – Testing the Prophets

Purpose: There are good reasons why SDAs believe Ellen White had the prophetic gift.

Focus: The inspired words of a true prophet is the testimony of Jesus Himself.

Today we will study the gift of prophecy: What is a prophet? How can we know the difference between a false and a true prophet? Are there biblical reasons for believing in the prophetic gift in our time?
Let’s begin with the question of what a prophet is…

Heb 1:1
How does God communicate to us? Bible = Prophet’s writings (Matt 26:56).
Being God’s mouthpiece is one of the spiritual gifts…

1 Cor 12:7-11, 29
Who gives a person the gift of prophecy? Do all receive the gift?
How do you know if you have the gift of prophecy?

Num 12:6
How can you tell if God calls you to be a prophet?
The prophetic visions are often accompanied with supernatural signs to prove its supernatural origin.

Dan 10:8-10, 17
What happened to Daniel when he received visions from God? Answer: He fell down, he was dumb, did not breathe, received strength etc. (Numb 24:16)
When does God send prophets to His people?

Amos 3:7
How much does God do without revealing it to His servants the prophet? This has happened throughout the history of God’s people: IE: Noah – flood (Gen 6:13-14). IE: God’s people – Abraham (Gen 12:1, 15:1). Exodus – Moses (Hos 12:13). Captivity in Babylon – Jeremiah (Jer 1:2-3). Return from captivity – Haggai, Zechariah (Ezra 6:14). Birth of Jesus – Anna & Simeon (Luke 2:25-26, 36). Baptism of Christ – John the Baptist (Mark 1:1-4).
Is it possible that God would send another prophet in our time, prior to the Second Coming?

Joel 2:28-32
Will God send prophets prior to the Day of the Lord? Can women be prophets?
The end time remnant of verse 32 is the same one that is mentioned in Revelation 12:17

Rev 12:17
Who is the dragon enraged with? What characteristics do they have?
What is the testimony of Jesus? We will let the Bible explain itself…

Rev 19:10
What is the testimony of Jesus? Spirit of prophecy = the prophetic gift (Rev 22:8-9) It is Jesus that speaks through a true prophet (1 Pet 1:10-11). Was there a prophet in God’s remnant church? IE: Ellen G. White biography – 2000+ visions and dreams. Wrote 40 books. Supernatural signs [see quotes].
But these supernatural signs do not necessarily prove that her visions were from God…

Matt 24:24
Jesus warns us for false prophets, but not all who claim to be prophets.
How can we tell the difference between a true and a false prophet?

1 John 4:1-2
What must we do with the spirits? Test #1: Uplifts Jesus as God in the flesh.
The second test is very important…

Isa 8:20
Test #2
: Does not contradict the Bible prophets (1 John 4:6)
Let’s look at the third test…

Matt 7:15-16
Test #3
: Bears good fruit in their ministry and life. IE: No filthy lucre.
The fourth test examines what the prophet says about obedience to God’s law.

Deut 13:1-3
Test #4
: Invokes obedience to God’s Law (Acts 5:32)
The final test deals with the prophet’s ability to predict the future.

Jer 28:9
Test #5
: Predictions come true (Deut 18:22)
The Bible calls us to put prejudice aside and take an honest look at the claims of a prophet…

1 Thess 5:20-21
Should we despise prophets? What must we do with the prophets?

Can you see that there are good reasons for why I and the SDA Church believe that Ellen G. White had the prophetic gift? Is it your desire to be led by Jesus’ prophets? [Here is a book by EGW] Are you willing to investigate her writings and honestly test to see if they are in accordance with God’s Word?