18 Remnant Church

The Remnant Church


There are 20 000+ Christian denominations. Is it confusing that there are so many Christian churches that teach different things from the same Bible?
Is it Jesus’ desire to have a diversity of churches?

John 17:20-23
What does Jesus want His followers to be? This unity is one in spirit and doctrine (1 Cor 1:10, John 4:23). How eager should we as Christians not seek for the unity Christ prayed for?
If it is not Christ’s will to have divisions among Christians, where did the divisions come from?

John 10:11-14
Who is the Good Shepherd? Who are the sheep? Who scatters the sheep?
Will Christ simply stand by while His sheep are being scattered? What will He do?

John 10:16, 1
Does Jesus have a fold? Fold = the visible church (Acts 20:28-29, Matt 16:18), not a description of all true believes since Jesus has sheep outside the fold and thieves and robbers inside the fold. Where does Jesus want his sheep to be? How will he lead His sheep into the fold? Christ’s voice is the Bible (2 Tim 3:16), would you agree? By studying the Bible, we may find God’s true fold/church.
Let’s look at five characteristics of the true church from the Bible…

1 Tim 3:15
#1. Correct Doctrines.
What was God’s Church to be? If a church teaches serious error, are they still God’s church?
In the prophecies of Revelation, we find some more specific characteristics….

Rev 12:1
Are regular women dressed like this? This must be symbolic, right?
We must let the Bible explain itself as to what the symbolism means…

2 Cor 11:2
What does a pure woman represent in Bible prophecy? Eph 5:25, 31-32. #2. Loves Jesus (they are His bride)
Let’s read on in Revelation…

Rev 12:4-6, 13-14
Jesus is born in the Jewish church. But since they reject Jesus and persecuted His people, God called out a faithful remnant of Jewish converts and starts a new organization (the Christian Church), into which the Gentiles were grafted. What does the dragon do to the church? Just like the apostate Jews persecuted the Apostolic Church so the apostate Christian church (the Antichrist) later persecuted the True Church. Where did she have to flee? For how long? Which time period does this represent? Answer: 538-1798
After this time period, at the time of the end, Christ’s true church will come out of hiding.

Rev 12:17
How does Satan feel about this faithful remnant? What characteristics will this end time Remnant Church have? #3. Organized after 1798, #4. Keeps God’s Commandments (incl. Sabbath).
This church is also described in the three angel’s messages…

Rev 14:6-12, 14
#4. Preaches the Three Angel’s Messages.
They are preaching the everlasting gospel, warning the whole world of Babylon and the Mark of the beast, speaking of the judgment, just prior the Second Coming (v.14). #5. A worldwide movement.
Let us go back to where we started…

John 10:16
Does Jesus have sheep in other folds? Where does He want to lead them? (Rev 18:2-4)

Do you wish to be part of a worldwide church that loves Jesus and believes the truth, that arose after 1798, that keeps God’s commandments (including the Sabbath) and preaches the everlasting gospel and the three angel’s messages? Is there anything that would keep you from deciding now?