16 Investigative Judgment

The Investigative Judgment – 1844

PURPOSE: In 1844 Jesus entered the Most Holy Place in the Heavenly Sanctuary to begin an investigative the judgment, preparatory to His Advent.
FOCUS: Jesus is our Advocate and Judge. The Judgment is the culmination of the Cross and the climax of the Atonement.

The story of the Great Disappointment in 1844 and the Millerite movement.
The foundation of their preaching was Daniel 8:14…

Dan 8:14
Time ended in 1844. Sanctuary = earth à Second coming in 1844.
How did they get to the date 1844?

Dan 8:15-19, 26
Gabriel = same angel that came to Mary (Luke 1:26-27). Until when does the vision of the 2300 days refer to? If so, it cannot refer to literal days.
To make sense of the vision we need to employ the Day-for-a-Year Principle…

Ezek 4:6
What does one year represent in Bible prophecy? (Numb 14:34)
In order to know when the 2300 days end, we need to know when they start…

Dan 8:27
Did Daniel understand the vision? What happened to him?
In ch. 9 Gabriels comes back and continues his explanation.

Dan 9:21-25a
Which vision is referred to in verses 21 and 23? Determined = Chatak = literally “Cut off”. IE: Banana. What are the 70 weeks cut off from? Answer: the 2300 days. 70 weeks and 2300 days have the same start date. 457 BC à 1844 AD (see chart).
The date is clear! But what is the sanctuary?

Lev 16:15-16, 19, 29-30
What is the cleansing of the Sanctuary? Answer: The Day of Atonement. Which Sanctuary was to be cleansed in 1844? (Jesus’ – Dan 8:11, Heb 9:23)
We read more about this event in Daniel 7…

Dan 7:9-10, 13
Who is the Ancient of Days? (Ps 55:19) Who are the servants? (Rev 5:11). What were they gathered for? Who comes with the clouds? Where does He come? Into the Most Holy Place. Day of Atonement = Judgment Day.
But does not the Judgment take place at the Second Coming?

Rev 14:6-7, 14
What comes first, God’s Judgment hour or the Second Coming? (Matt 22:9-14)
The investigative part of the Judgment takes place in Heaven and ends prior to the Second Coming…

Rev 22:11-12
When He returns, the decision will already have been made of who is lost and who is saved. He comes back to execute the Judgment already established.
What is written in the books that are opened in the Judgment?

Rev 20:12
Answer: Our deeds/works (2 Cor 5:10, Rom 14:12, Mal 3:16, Ps 56:8)
How many of our works will appear in the Judgment?

Ecc 12:14
Answer: Every detail of our life, both the good and the bad, is scrutinized by the eyes of infinite Holiness and all angels.
Who is able to stand?

1 John 1:9-2:2
Only Jesus can save us! He pleads His blood for all our confessed sins. IE: Jesus enters the Most Holy Place.
What does Jesus do in the Most Holy Place for us?

Zech 3:1-5
Who is the accuser in the Judgment? (Rev 12:10) Who is our Advocate?
Jesus wants to be our Defender, but He can only remove those sins that we have repented of…

Acts 3:19-20
Only confessed and abandoned sins will be blotted out (Exod 32:33).

Is it clear to you that we are living in a solemn time of Judgment? Do you desire to have Jesus as your Advocate in the Judgment? Is there anything in your life that you know does not glorify God? What would keep you from surrendering it to Him right now? Jesus promised in 1 John 1:9 that “[quote]”. As we pray I will give you opportunity to do this in your heart. His promise can never fail.