12 Millennium

The Millennium – An Eschatology Overview

PURPOSE: During the Millennium, which commences at the Second Coming, the earth is desolate and the righteous are in heaven conducting a judicial review prior to the final judgment and the creation of the new earth.
FOCUS: Jesus will live together with His people on the earth forever.

There are many misunderstandings in regards to the Millennium, so we will today look at what the Bible says about this.
We read about the 1000-year period in Revelation 20…

Rev 20:6
Who will reign with Christ for 1000 years? Would you like to be part of that resurrection? If there is a first resurrection, what must there also be?
Jesus also taught this truth clearly in John 5…

John 5:28-29
How many resurrections are there? Which two groups will be resurrected? (Acts 24:15, Dan 12:2). The first resurrection must be the one of life.
When will the first resurrection take place?

1 Thess 4:16-17
When do the dead in Christ rise from their graves? Where are the righteous resurrected and the righteous living transported at the Second Coming? (John 14:2-3, Matt 24:31)
What will happen to the wicked who are not caught up?

2 Thess 1:7-9
They will be destroyed “by the brightness of His coming” (2:8, see also Luk 17:26-30, 1 Thess 5:2-3, Isa 11:4, Rev 19:21).
Let’s look at another passage that proves this…

Jer 25:30-33
When does the Lord roar from on high? Answer: At the Second Coming (1 Thess 4:16). How many of the wicked are slain? After the Second Coming all the unrighteous are dead awaiting the resurrection of condemnation.
When will the second resurrection take place?

Rev 20:4-5a
The resurrection of life is first described. Who are “the rest of the dead” in verse 5? When did they receive life? (Isa 24:21-22). The first and second resurrection mark the beginning and the end of the Millennium.
What happens on earth during the Millennium?

Rev 20:1-3
What happens to Satan during the 1000 years? Bottomless pit = Gr. Abussos = “deep” in Gen 1:2, LXX (Septuagint), describing the desolate earth. Satan is bound by a chain of circumstances because he has none to tempt.
Jeremiah describes the fearful condition of the earth during this time.

Jer 4:23-27
Does this describe creation? No, for the birds had fled and the cities were broken down. This is fulfilled at the Millennium. How many men are alive? The earth is completely desolate (Isa 24:1-3) and Satan has no one to tempt.
What will the righteous do in heaven during the Millennium?

Rev 20:4
What will they do?
Who will they judge?

1 Cor 4:5, 6:2, 3
Why should we not judge now? Which angels? IE: Luther, three surprises. God will show the righteous why some are saved and others are lost.
What happens after the Millennium?

Rev 20:7-9, 13-15
What circumstances bring about Satan’s release? Where did the Holy City come from? (Rev 21:2, 10, 3:12, Zech 14:4-5) What will happen to the wicked?
What will happen after the second death?

Rev 21:1-5
New heaven and new earth (Isa 65:17, 2 Pet 3:13). Where will God dwell? 

Is it your desire to live on this new and perfect earth, forever with Jesus?

Matt 5:5
Which attitude do we need to have if we want to inherit the earth?