06 Law of God

The Law of God – The Law of Love

Purpose: The Ten Commandments are a reflection of God’s eternal justice, and sums up the moral constitution of the universe.
Focus: The Purpose of the Law is to drive us to Jesus in repentance, who alone can grant us forgiveness and power to obey.

Do absolute morals of right and wrong exist in our world? If so, where do they come from? According to the Bible, they come from God.

John 15:10-11
Why did Jesus want us to keep His Commandments? IE: Guardrail.
Let’s look at what Jesus considered to be the summary of the moral laws…

Matt 22:36-40
On what two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets? These were no new Commandments, Jesus simply quoted the OT (Deut 6:5, Lev 19:18). But what does it mean to love God and your neighbor?
To simplify this to us God got more specific and divided the love commandments into ten precepts…

Exod 20:3-17
What are the Ten Commandments? IE: Mention 3. 4 first = Love God. 6 last = Love neighbor (Rom 13:9-10)
God didn’t trust His people’s memory, so He also wrote them down…

Exod 31:18
On what material did God write them? What kind of pen did He use?
And as if this was not enough, but God also asked Moses to store them in a very special place…

Exod 25:10-22
Where was Moses to place the Testimony? (Deut 10:1-5) IE: Holy land, holy city, holy building, most holy place, ark, 10 Commandments = Very holy.
What about the New Testament times, are the Commandments still valid?

Rev 11:19
Is there a temple in Heaven? Is there an Ark of the Covenant there?
If there is an Ark in Heaven, could it be that the Ten Commandments are also there?

Rev 15:5
Are the Ten Commandments still in Heaven? Testimony = 10 Commandments (Ex 31:18, 25:16). The Commandments must therefore still be binding today.
No wonder Jesus says as He does in the Sermon on the Mount…

Matt 5:17-19
Did Jesus come to change any jot or tittle of the Ten Commandments? Did Jesus keep the Ten Commandments? (John 15:10). In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus explains the depth of the Law’s claims.
Jesus’ death on the cross also shows that God’s Law is immutable…

1 John 3:4
What is the transgression of God’s Law called? (Rom 3:20, 5:13, Rom 7:7) Is there sin today? Then there must also be a Law. IE: Law, Sin, Grace, Savior. If the Law could be abolished, Jesus would not have to die for our transgressions.
Sometimes Paul is accused of abolishing the Ten Commandments. But this is not true…

Rom 3:28, 31
Can any person be justified (saved) by keeping the Law? Why not? (v.23) What is the purpose of the Law? (Rom 7:7, Gal 3:21-24) IE: Mirror – Jas 1:22-25. Does righteousness by faith make void the Law?
Did Paul want his church members to keep the Ten Commandments?

1 Cor 7:19
Answer: Yes. Are there some ordinances that were abolished at the cross? Yes, the Ceremonial Law (circumcision, sacrifices, sanctuary etc.) was a shadow of Christ’s ministry and was abolished when He came (Gal 3:19, Col 2:13-17, Heb 10:1-9).
Will God’s people in the last days keep the Ten Commandments?

Rev 12:17
Do you wish to make the devil angry? Then keep the Commandments! (14:12)
But let’s look at the best reason to keep God’s Commandments…

John 14:15-17
What should motivate a Christian to obey Jesus? (1 Joh 5:3) IE: Wife’s husband. If we are willing to obey, who will help us keep the Commandments?

Do you love Jesus? Is it then your desire, to joyfully obey His commandments? Will you allow His Spirit to write His Law on your heart? If so, let’s tell Him!