03 Great Controversy

The Great Controversy

PURPOSE: There is a cosmic conflict between Christ and Satan, and planet earth is its theater.
FOCUS: God is not responsible for the existence of evil.

Theodicy problem – God is good, and all powerful, why is there evil in the world? Good, question. Bible gives a very good answer.
In order to understand the answer, we need to go back to the beginning of the Bible.

Gen 1:1, 31
Who created the earth? How was the earth at creation? IE: Artist. God’s original plan was: no evil. Is it still in this condition?
What happened?

Matt 13:24-30, 37-39
What kind of seed was sown in the field? Who is the sower? Who is responsible for the weeds?
We see the same truth taught in Luke, but there another name for the enemy is used…

Luke 13:10-16
Who is responsible for the existence of diseases in the world?
So where did this creature come from?

Luke 10:18
Where has Satan been once?
In order to find out what actually happened in Heaven we need to go to the OT…

Ezek 28:12-15
Is Satan created? What kind of being is he? Did God create an evil angel?
How could a perfect being in a perfect environment fall into sin? This is partially answered in Isaiah…

Isa 14:12-14
What was Satan’s name before his fall? What thoughts arose in his heart? IE: Free will. Otherwise no love. IE: Marriage vs rape. IE: I-Phone: ”Siri, do you love me?” “You are the wind under my wings” Is God to be blamed for the fall of Lucifer? Pride, selfishness.
It began with discontent and selfishness in one angel, but it soon spread. Rebellion was imminent.

Rev 12:7-9, 12
One third of the angels of heaven joined Lucifer in the rebellion in Heaven. First war ever! Actual war in heaven!!! Unimaginable, but Biblical. Who won? Where were Satan and his angels cast down? How do they feel about being defeated? (1 Pet 5:8) Why to the earth? Humanity chose to join the rebellion (see Gen 3:1-8). The war is now transferred to the earth.
Let’s read about some of the methods Satan is using in his warfare…

Matt 4:8-10
What would Satan trade everything on the earth for? His highest aim is not money, not our destruction, but our worship. Many sacrifice integrity for the pleasures, riches and honors of this world, and thereby worship the devil. How did Jesus resist the temptation? This method we can use too (Eph 6:18).
Let’s look at another example in the Old Testament…

Job 1:6-22
Who are gathered in the Heavenly Counsel? Who did Job serve? What does Satan claim is the reason for that? In whose hand does God give Job’s possessions? Does Satan have power to cause natural disasters and wars? How did Job react to this? God’s name was thereby vindicated before heaven.
The same drama goes on behind the scenes in each of our lives…

1 Cor 4:9
What is our world to the angels? The whole universe is looking on. Whose side will we join? IE: Wheat & tares. Not easy to see difference before fully grown.

Josh 24:15
[Skeptic/Seeker] Is it clear to you, from what we’ve studied, that [PURPOSE]? Jesus longs for us to decide to stand on His side. Is it your desire to say as Joshua: ”As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”?

Acts 26:16-18
[Solid Christian] I know that we both have already made our decisions as to which side to serve. But there are many others in darkness, who do not know Jesus. Are you willing to make efforts to turn them from darkness to light?