Worry, Anxiety and God’s Peace

A mother with two small children once said; “When the children begin school, then my worries will end”. But it did not turn out exactly like that.
We all experience worries, today we will see how they can be exchanged for the peace of God!

Phil 4:6-7
For how much should we be anxious, according to Paul? How can anxiety disturb our peace with God?
How does anxiety affect us?

Prov 12:25
How does an anxious heart affect us? Anxiety sees the challenges and problems but does not provide a solution.
What does Jesus say about anxiety?

Luke 12:25-26
How did Jesus express himself about anxiety, does it benefit us in any way? So, anxiety does not solve our problems.
Jesus once said something to Martha that can also help us…

Luke 10:38-42
How did Martha feel? (v.40) Have you ever felt like Martha? What did Jesus say to her? What is the best choice according to Jesus? We must not allow anxiety and worries to take the place Jesus should have in our lives! When we take time with Jesus, He will take care of our worries.
What more advice did Jesus give the anxious one?

Matt 6:25-34
What comparison does Jesus do between nature and man? Jesus calls our attention to God’s care for nature, how much more does God not love people and wants to care for them? What does Jesus tell us to seek first? What will He then do? (v.33).
What shall we do with our anxiety and worries?

1 Pet 5:7
Where should we cast our cares? How much of our cares can we cast on God?
How do I cast my anxiety and worries on God?

Phil 4:6-7
How can I leave my anxiety with God? (Ps 55:16-17, 22, 1 Sam 1:8-18, Matt 11:28-10 (2 Chron 20:22)).
When I have cast my anxiety and worries on God, how shall I then continue to live? What did Jesus say?

Matt 4:4
How did Jesus tell us to live? It’s so easy for us to trust what we can see, “bread”. We want specific proof that it will turn out well, but Jesus ask us to trust/live “by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (2 Cor 5:7).
In his life, Jesus demonstrated for us how we can live that way…

Heb 12:2-3
Where shall we direct our eyes when we do not look at the things which are seen? Where did Jesus direct His focus, to endure His trials?
The Bible describes the Christian life as a journey by faith, trusting God’s promises…

Heb 11:39-40
Did the old patriarchs see the fulfillment of what they believed and longed for? Was their faith in vain? v.40 True faith is to trust in God – whether we get to experience the answers to our faith and longing or not. If we endure, we will experience the fulfillment of God’s promise.
God has promised the best exchange ever! What will He replace our anxiety with?

Phil 4:7
What has God promised to give in exchange for our anxiety and worries, when we surrender them to Him? How does Jesus describe this peace He will give us? (John 14:27).

Have worries ever made your heart heavy? Would you like to experience God’s peace that surpasses all understanding? Jesus asks you to fasten your eye on him – trust in his Word – Will you do that? Will you tell Jesus right now what worries you, so that He can give you His peace stead? Peace, trusting that God will take care of all.