M02 – Why did the Messiah come?

Why did the Messiah come?

Muslims agree with Christians that Jesus was sent by God and that he was the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. But what was Jesus mission according to the Qur’an and the Bible? Did Jesus die on the cross as Christians believe? Islam says that Jesus did not die on the cross, but what does the Quran say?
Let us read the Surah Mary [19] …

Qur’an 19:27-34
Who is Mary’s child that speaks? According to verse 33, would Jesus die and resurrect? The Quran is clear that Jesus would actually die and rise (3:54-55).
But why then have the Muslims learned that Jesus did not die? It is based on Al-Nisa’ verse 157 …

Qur’an 4:157
This appears to be a clear text. But then the Quran contradicts itself. If we study the context (153-156) we can see that it is the Jews who boast that they killed Jesus. But in a very real sense, it is true that it was not the Jews who killed him. It was not even the Romans who made it …
Some Qur’anic texts might seem ambiguous; how do we know what is true?

Qur’an 10:93-94
Who should Muhammad ask if the Qur’an is unclear?
Therefore, let us look at what the Bible says regarding the crucifixion to get greater clarity…

John 19:23, 30-35
It is true that the Jews gave up Jesus to be crucified (Acts 2:36). It is true that the Romans crucified Jesus. But when they would break Jesus’ legs, they saw that he was already dead and were surprised. Jesus had given His own life.
What did Jesus die of? A prophecy in the Old Testament tells us…

Isa 53:5-10
Whose will was it that Jesus would die? The truth is that it was God who placed the penalty for our sins on Jesus so that we could be forgiven of our sins (Mark 14:27, 1 Pet 2:24). This killed Jesus. Our sins killed Jesus.
Let me explain this a little deeper …

Ezek 18:4
What do those who sin deserve? (Rom 6:23, Quran 7:36).
Justice requires the sinner to die, and if God should be fair, He has to punish sin.

Heb 9:22
He can’t turn a blind eye to sin or forgive without the shedding of blood.
Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son. The Qur’an recounts the story in As-Saffat [sura 37]…

Qur’an 37:107
God required a sacrifice. What did God accept as ransom for Abraham’s son? The innocent sacrificial animal died in place of Abraham’s son.
The sacrificial system was a picture of how God is able to forgive sins …

Heb 10:4
Could the sacrificial animals truly take away sin?
Sacrificial animals were only a symbol of the true Sacrificial Lamb that would come – the Messiah.

John 1:29
Who is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world?
Only someone who was sinless, could become a sin offering…

Qur’an 48:1-2
Was Muhammad sinless? Is he able to ransom people’s sins?
But the Quran says that there was a man who was sinless…

Qur’an 19:19-21
Was Jesus holy and righteous? (1 Pet 2:22, Heb 7:26, 4:15, John 8:29, 2 Cor 5:21). Jesus was a Sign and the Mercy of God.
How was Jesus the Mercy of God?

1 Pet 1:18-21
With what were humanity redeemed from their sins? God could show mercy because Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind.
Thus, God could be just while still forgiving men their sins.

Rom 3:23-26
How many have sinned? Have you sinned? Why can God declare the sinner righteous? (1 John 1:7-9)

Would you like to be righteous? What must you do (according to v. 26)? Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for your sins?

02 Why did the Messiah come