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Christian Living – Entertainment and Fashion

PURPOSE: The Bible is a handbook for daily life that includes counsel on how to glorify God in our recreation, entertainment and dress.

FOCUS: Christ calls us away from the vanity and emptiness of a worldly lifestyle so that we can appreciate and understand spiritual things.

Novelist Jack Higgins was asked what he would like to have known as a boy. His answer: “That when you get to the top, there’s nothing there.” (see Eccl 1:14)
Christ knew the emptiness of a worldly lifestyle, and has warned us against its deceptions…

1 John 2:15-17
What three lusts are there in the world? Fleshly desires. Vanity. Pride. Should we love these? If the world fits, you are the wrong size. The worldly lifestyle, its pleasures, recreation, humor, dress etc. is different from a Christian’s.
Let’s get a bit more practical: What does the Bible say about entertainment?

2 Cor 3:18
If we behold the glory of Jesus, whose image will we be transformed into? If we behold the world, whose image will we be transformed into? What we behold will transform us for good or evil. IE: Idol. TV: Movies with violence and immorality; should a Christian be entertained by what crucified Jesus? (Ps 101:3, Job 31:1) IE: “It is only a movie” IE: Advertisement affect us subconsciously. Same thing with TV, novels, games and music.
Music is a powerful medium that can be used for good or evil…

1 Sam 16:23
Can good music drive away evil angels? Does music affect us spiritually? Can bad music drive away good angels? IE: Music = language of emotion.
What is the standard for our music and entertainment?

Phil 4:7-8
Do our hearts and minds need guarding? Feed your mind with good things.
Why is this important?

Rom 12:2
Should we conform to the world? What must we rather do? The purpose of this admonition is for us to be able to understand God’s will. Worldly entertainment and music kills the relish for spirituality and the Bible. Are you willing to set a high standard for your music and entertainment?
One worldly lust is vanity. Today’s fashion encourage vanity. What does the Bible say about dress?

1 Pet 3:3-5
How does Jesus want us to adorn ourselves? [Merly (NKJV) is not in the original]. Women want to be beautiful. That’s good. But what makes a woman beautiful? Her outward appearance or her character? (Prov 11:22, 31:30).
How did the holy women of former times dress?

Gen 35:2-4
Gold and gems are not inherently evil (Gen 2:12). But when they are worn on the body for adornment, they can be an idol that leads to vanity.
After some time in Egypt, the children of Israel had adopted the Egyptian lifestyle and needed reform.

Exod 33:3-6
This happened when Israel literally had made an idol out of their jewelry (32:1-4). What was Israel’s sin? Pride. What was the solution? Take off your jewelry. Can jewelry lead to pride? Vanity (Isa 3:18-23). IE: Sanctuary (decked inside, not outside).
The New Testament encourages the same modest dress code…

1 Tim 2:9-10
Does Jesus want us to adorn our exterior? This applies to men too. Did Jesus wear piercings or jewelry? (Isa 53:2) How does Jesus want us to dress? Sexy or modest? General principles of dress (Gen 3:7, 21, 1 Cor 12:23-24, Exod 28:42). IE: Men are visually attracted. No excuse for impure thoughts, but why be a stumbling block? Should we dress ugly or with propriety?
What about tattoos?

Lev 19:28
Are tattoos part of a Christian lifestyle? IE: Graffiti on God’s temple?
Perhaps entertainment and dress seems to be something small; it might be true. But Jesus said…

Luke 16:10
Is it your desire to please Jesus in every aspect of your life? Would anything keep you from laying off jewelry or anything that does not please God?