19 Baptism

Baptism – Getting Married to Christ

Purpose: Baptism by immersion is a public confession of a converted, transformed life.
Focus: Baptism is getting married to Christ by joining His bride – the church.
Have you ever wished you could have a new start in life? Today we will study about baptism which symbolizes just such a new start.
One person who experienced this changed life was Saul…

Acts 22:3-16
Saul was a well-educated and a strictly religious man. But he did not have Jesus in his life. What was he doing to Christians? Who was he in fact persecuting? Paul’s life got a dramatic change. Though being blind, his spiritual eyes were opened and he was converted. He realized that Jesus was the Messiah and Lord. His name was changed to Paul. Instead of teaching Paul everything Himself, Jesus put Paul in connection with his organized church. What was Paul then called to be a witness about? (v.15) But prior to this what did he need to do as an evidence of his conversion? Answer: Get baptized.
This is exactly what Biblical baptism represents…

1 Pet 3:21
What is baptism? A: It is the answer of a cleansed conscience. It is a public confession of your sins and of your faith in Jesus Christ’s forgiveness and cleansing (Rom 6:3-6). IE: Wedding to Jesus
There was one prophet in the Bible who was famous for baptizing people, do you know his name?

Luke 3:2-3
Who was the baptizing prophet? Why did he baptize?
As John baptized, there was another person who came to be baptized by him…

Matt 3:13-17
Who was also baptized? Why? A: Not for any sin, but as an example to all believers. How was Jesus baptized? A: By submersion (v.16). How old was Jesus when He was baptized? A: Not an infant, about 30 years (Luke 3:21-23).
What preparations are necessary for baptism?

Luke 3:7-14
Why did John not baptize some of the people? What had to precede baptism? IE: Clovis, marched his army through the water. Not true baptism.
The same truth was preached by Peter on the day of Pentecost

Acts 2:37-39
What comes first, repentance or baptism? What gift does the baptized believer receive? Is it your desire to have this gift?
Is baptism actually necessary for salvation?

John 3:1-5
Will anyone enter the kingdom of God if they refuse to be “born of water”, i.e. be baptized? (Mark 16:16, Luk 7:30) IE: Thief on the cross.
When Paul was baptized he became a member of the organized church. This was true for all in the early church…

1 Cor 12:13
What are people baptized into? What is the body of Christ? Answer: The Church (Col 1:18, Eph 5:22-26). Baptism and church membership go together. IE: “I want to marry you but I don’t want to live with you” (see also Acts 2:47).
Let’s look at one last Biblical example of baptism…

Acts 8:26-39
What did Philip teach the eunuch about? On what condition could the eunuch be baptized? Who went down into the water? How did the eunuch feel after being baptized?

Jesus wants to give each person that same joy. Do you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? What hinders you then from being baptized?