17 Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast

PURPOSE: The loyalty of every person in the world will be tested in the end-time crisis by whose commandments they choose to obey – Christ’s or Antichrist’s.

FOCUS: Jesus is alone worthy of worship and the one who can make something holy.

There are many theories about the Mark of the Beast: Chip, tattoo, barcode etc. Today we will study the Mark of the Beast from a biblical perspective.
It is important to know, since one of the strongest warnings in the Bible deal with this issue…

Rev 14:9-12
What will happen to those who receive the mark? Which group is contrasted to those that receives the mark? Is it important to know what the mark is?
We read about the mark in the previous chapter…

Rev 13:15-17
With what will those who do not receive the mark be threatened? Will it be easy to be loyal to God? Note: You don’t buy or sell with the mark. Boycott. IE: Aunt Sue, wrestled down à Eternally lost? The mark of the beast is not a visible gadget or tattoo, it’s about worshiping the beast instead of God.
The language of a mark in the forehead or in the hand comes directly out of the Old Testament…

Deut 6:6-8, 11:18
What were the Israelites to place in their hand and in their forehead? (Exod 13:9, 16) The 10 Commandments were given in ch. 5. Were they to attach the literal stone tablets to their bodies? Hand = Action, Forehead = Thought/Belief.
There is a power who doesn’t think people should have God’s Law in their forehead or hand…

Dan 7:25
What does Antichrist think to change? Does he have the right to do so? (Matt 5:18). No, but Antichrist wants to force its changed law on the world.
Obedience and worship are interconnected terms in the Bible…

Mark 7:7-8
What does Jesus think of worship from someone who knowingly lays aside God’s Commandments for the traditions of men? (Prov 28:9) The conflict in the last days is about whose law you will obey, God’s or the Antichrist’s.
But before the world will be forced to obey Antichrist’s laws, the world will be warned…

Rev 7:1-4
What do God’s people receive in their foreheads? (Isa 8:16) Either you have God’s seal or you have the mark of the beast. Ancient seals marked a document’s authenticity. It contained the monarchs name, title and territory.
That commandment that Antichrist especially attacks makes up the seal of the Creator…

Ezek 20:12, 20
What is God’s sign/seal? (Exod 31:15-17) The Sabbath is the only commandment that reminds us of why we worship God (Rev 4:11).
The fourth commandment is the only commandment that contains all the components of a seal…

Exod 20:8-11
What is God’s name, title and territory? IE: Fruit in Eden. It is not just about a day, it is about authority and worship. God alone has the right to make something holy, not human beings at their own convenience. When the Papacy changed the Sabbath, they removed the seal from the Law and replaced it with their own mark of authority (Sunday). This they are proud of and claim as proof of their church’s supremacy over the Bible. [QUOTES] According to Rev. 13, there will be universal Sunday laws, with economic sanctions and death penalty threats against Sabbath-keepers. Those who, at this time, knowingly choose to obey the Papacy, are worshiping the beast and receiving his mark.
But before Sunday-keepers will receive their condemnation, all honestly deceived will be enlightened…

Rev 7:1-3
Who is sealed? Jesus is pleading with the angels that will let lose the condemnation: “Hold on, until all sincere servants have received the Sabbath!”

Dear friend, Jesus is pleading for you. Is it your desire to be faithful to Jesus? If we want to keep the Sabbath in the end-time crisis, we need to begin today. What makes us think we can be loyal to Jesus when our life is at stake, if we won’t do it in times of peace? Have you ever considered to keep the Sabbath holy? Is there anything that would keep you from beginning right now?