08 Antichrist 2

Antichrist 2 – Who is the Antichrist?

PURPOSE: To identify the Antichrist.
FOCUS: We need to follow Jesus’ Word above human tradition.

IE: Smuggling wheelbarrows
In Daniel 7 we find a clear description of the Antichrist in the form of a little horn…

Dan 7:1-7
What did Daniel see in his vision?
We must allow the Bible to be its own interpreter about these symbols…

Dan 7:17, 23
What do the beasts represent? Compare with Daniel 2. Lion = Babylon (Jer 4:6-7, 13, 50:17) IE: Winged lions on Ishtar Gate. Bear = Medo-Persia (539-331 BC) 3 ribs = Babylon, Lydia & Egypt. Leopard = Greece (331-168 BC) 4 heads = Cassander (Macedon), Lysimachus (Thracia), Seleucus (Syria), Ptolemy (Egypt). Dragon = Rome (168 BC – 476 AD) IE: Teeth of iron. How many horns did it have? IE: Compare with toes in Daniel 2.
What do the horns represent?

Dan 7:24
10 horns = Franks, Anglo-Saxons, Alemanni, Burgundians, Suevi, Lombards, Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Vandals & Heruli = The European powers.
Let’s see what happens next…

Dan 7:8
What comes up among the ten horns? This is the Antichrist! IE: Detectives. Let us pick out some clues from the text:
1. It is a kingdom, a small one (A little horn)
2. It rises up in Europe (Among the ten horns)
3. It uproots three of the other kingdoms as it rises
4. It blasphemes and speaks pompous words (compare Rev 13:5)
What was the understanding of blasphemy in Bible times?

Mark 2:5-7
Answer: It is blasphemy if a mere man claims to forgive sins. IE: Forgive others.
There is also another aspect of blasphemy in the Bible…

John 10:33
Jesus was God, but if a mere man claims to be God on earth this is blasphemy.
Let’s look at three more clues about the Antichrist…

Dan 7:25
5. It makes war on God’s people (the saints)
6. It changes holy times and laws
7. It rules for 1260 years (3 ½ times)
From where did I get 1260 years? From 3 ½ times. Let’s go to Rev. to understand this time period…

Rev 12:6, 14, 13:5
How many days are 3 ½ times/years? IE: 3 ½ years = 42 months = 1260 days.
In Bible prophecy a day equals a year…

Ezek 4:6
IE: Map. In the Biblical prophecy map 1 day = 1 year (Num 14:34)
What is the only power that fits these 7 characteristics?

Dan 7:8, 25
IE: Detective, Ask eyewitnesses: [Luther quote] IE: Not the people, but the system (Rev 18:4).
1. The Papacy is a small kingdom with a big influence.
2. It arose in Europe.
3. They came into power as the Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths were defeated.
4. Claims to be God on earth and to have the ability to forgive sins.
5. 50+ million martyrs. IE: Crusades, Inquisition, Heretics, Waldensians.
6. Removed 2nd commandment and divided the 10th commandment.
7. 538 (Ostrogoths defeated by Justinian) – 1798 (Pope captured by Napoleon).
The greatest problem with the Papacy is that they place the Church’s tradition above the Bible.

Mark 7:7-8, 13
What does Jesus say about such worship?

Is it your desire to put God’s Word above human traditions in your life?