Following Jesus

A woman attending university. She had to read a thick and very uninteresting book. She could hardly read in it. During her studies she fell in love with one of the professors. To her surprise she found out that he was the author of the book. That night she read through the whole book!  What changed her perspective? Love! Many find the Bible boring and uninteresting, until they get to know the author.
In the gospel of John, we find the story of Mary, one of Jesus’ faithful followers…

John 12:3-5
What did Mary do? How much was the value of the ointment? 300 denarii = a 1-year salary (Matt 20:2). What did Judas think should have been done with the ointment?
What made Mary think that it was worth spending this expensive ointment on Jesus?

Luke 7:47
Why did Mary love Jesus? Why could she spend such a costly gift on Jesus? No price could repay the love and thankfulness that Mary felt for the fact that Jesus had forgiven her sins.
How much were the disciples willing to give (up) in order to follow Jesus?

Matt 4:18-22
What was the first thing they did when Jesus called them to follow him? How much did they leave? How long did they wait before they followed Jesus’ call?
But not all who wanted to follow Jesus were willing to give all.

Luke 9:57-62
What was most important for these people? What did they place first?
Let us look at another example.

Mark 10:17-22
This man wanted to follow Jesus, but what was his obstacle?
What has Jesus promised those who choose Him first?

Matt 6:33
What is Jesus asking us to seek first? What will He then give to us?
Let us look at what we can learn from Moses’ example.

Heb 11:24-26
Who was Moses? Did Moses become Pharaoh in Egypt? What did he rather choose instead? What did Moses esteem of more value that the treasures in Egypt? What decides the value of something? IE: Sportsman. Computer.
Let us look at the value God is placing on humans.

1 Pet 1:18-19
What price did Jesus pay for our salvation? Could God have given more?
What made Jesus willing to pay such a high price for our salvation?

Joh 3:16
What motivated Jesus to give His life for our salvation? How many can have eternal life? IE: Car accident (the dad driving the car, realized it was not going to turn out well. In the last second, he turned the car around, so that the approaching vehicle would hit him, and not his daughter. Love motivated him to give his life. He wanted to give his daughter a chance of surviving. [She did. She never forgets her dad for giving up his life for her]).
Jesus gave all for our salvation, how much value do we place on heaven?

Heb 12:1-3
What encouragement does the apostle give us? Where should we direct our attention?

1 Joh 5:3
How is love to God expressed?

No price could repay the love and thankfulness that Mary felt for the fact that Jesus had forgiven her sins. Jesus’ disciples where willing to leave all behind, to follow Jesus. Jesus loved you so much that He could not but give His life, for you to have a chance and a hope of an everlasting life. Do you love Jesus? Is it your desire to show your love to God by believing in Him, keep His commandments and give Jesus the first place in your life?