23 Health

Health – Divine Doctor’s Advice

PURPOSE: God has given us priceless instructions for an abundant and vigorous lifestyle so that we can be healthy in body, mind and soul.
FOCUS: Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

IE: Portuguese cloister. Basket. Change the rope every time it breaks.
Many reason this way concerning their health. As the best Physician, God gives us preventive advice…

Exod 15:26
What did God promise the Israelites that followed His commandments? Does God care about our health? (3 John 2) IE: Jesus healed the sick (Matt 9:35)
Why does God care about our physical health?

1 Cor 6:19-20
Whose temple is our body? (2 Cor 6:16) We might not like our body, but God considers it valuable and holy. He bought it with His blood. Therefore, we are to glorify God in our body. Nothing that deteriorates our health is God’s will.
What happens if we refuse to glorify God in our body?

1 Cor 3:16-17
What happens if we purposefully defile God’s temple? Health is therefore an important concern for a Christian (Rom 12:1).
In chapter 10 we see a clarification of what this actually means…

1 Cor 10:31
How much should we do to the glory of God? Does that include our habits of eating and drinking? Are there ways to eat and drink that do not glorify God? Diet directly affects our health (since we physically speaking are what we eat).
There are many conflicting theories today about which diet is the best, but what does the Bible say?

Gen 1:29
What diet was man created for? IE: Daniel and his friends (Dan 1:1-15)
This was before sin entered the world. Did their diet change after the fall?

Gen 3:18-19
What was man’s diet after the fall? Did they eat any meat yet? A vegetarian diet is still the best diet for man post-sin.
It was only after the Flood, when the plants were swept away, that God gave man meat to eat…

Gen 9:1-4
Could they eat any kind of meat? (Gen 7:2) IE: Camel burger. Blood?
In Leviticus we read of the definition of eatable and uneatable meats…

Lev 11:3-7, 9, 13-20, 21-22
What land-living creatures can be eaten? Swine? (Isa 66:17) What water-creatures can be eaten? Seafood? What birds can be eaten? IE: Ebola from bats. What insects can be eaten?
Just like Noah, the Israelites and the early church received the command not to eat blood…

Acts 15:28-29
IE: Black pudding. (Animal fat – Lev 3:17). Do the laws of health still apply to the New Testament Church? (Acts 10:14, 11:8)
What about drinking to the glory of God? Let us discuss alcohol…

1 Cor 6:10
Will a drunkard inherit the kingdom of God? (Eph 5:18, Luke 21:34).
The Bible condemns drunkenness and intoxication and endorses a sober lifestyle…

Prov 23:29-30
This is a sad picture of an addict. Should we cast a longing eye at the wine?
The Bible is full of these temperance texts…

Prov 20:1
What is wine and strong drink? How can we be wise? What about moderate drinking? 40% of those who drink develop injuries. 10% become alcoholics. How many planned to be alcoholics? IE: Moderate drinking is the school where the alcoholic gets his education. Alcohol = most dangerous drug (Nutt et al, The Lancet 2010). IE: WHO statistics. Can we use this drug to God’s glory? Other drugs: Can one stiff cocaine or inject heroin to God’s glory? Marijuana? How about smoking? IE: Text on packages “Smoking kills”. 6th Commandment. Nicotine = Alkaloid. Another alkaloid = Caffeine (milder drug, similar effects). Addiction, headaches etc. IE: Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks. IE: Science facts.
God has given us the health laws because He loves us and wants us to be as healthy as possible.

1 Thess 5:23-24
Is it your desire to treat God’s temple as He asks you to treat it? Are you willing to follow the divine Doctor’s advice? Would anything keep you from beginning today?