17b USA in Bible Prophecy

The United States has an important part to play in Bible prophecy in relation to religious liberty.

Jesus is the rightful ruler of our conscience, not people or the government.

USA is the world’s greatest superpower today. Does Bible prophecy say anything about it?
The answer is yes.

Rev 13:1-7
What are the characteristics of the Antichrist beast? How long would it rule? Remember: 1 day = 1 year (Ezek 4:6, Numb 14:34). When did it receive its deadly wound? 538-1798. IE: Napoleon took pope captive in 1798.
In Revelation 13 there are actually two beasts.

Rev 13:11-14
What characteristics can we find about the second beast?
#1 It is a kingdom/nation

Dan 7:23
What does a beast represent in Bible prophecy?
But this kingdom doesn’t have a king…

Rev 13:1
Compared to the other beast from the “Old World” (Rev 12:3), this new beast has no crowns on its horns. Why? It’s not a monarchy. So it is a non-monarchical nation.
#2 It rises in the New World…

Rev 17:15
The first beast rose from the waters (Rev 13:1). What does the water represent? Where does the second beast rise from? (Rev 13:11) By contrast, what would the earth represent? An unpopulated area, not in Europe.
#3 It rises around 1798

Rev 13:10-11
When was the papacy taken into captivity and killed with the sword? 1798. Immediately around the same time, the second beast rises.
#4 It is a Christian nation

John 1:29
Who does the Lamb represent? The lamblike horns must represent Christian characteristics of the nation, even though it speaks like the Devil (Rev 12:9).
#5 It has worldwide influence

Rev 13:12
If this nation is going to cause the whole world to follow the first beast it surely needs to have worldwide influence. What nation fits the 6 characteristics?
In its early days, USA became a refuge for people who sought religious liberty.

Rev 12:15-16
During the religious persecution in the Old World, the earth (USA) helped the woman (church) and swallowed the water (persecution in Europe). IE: History of the Mayflower, Roger Williams & founding of USA.
These principles were Christ-like principles…

Joh 18:36
Does the state have the right to control people’s consciences? Did Jesus give any encouragement to conversion by legislation?
But according to the prophecy the nation would begin to speak like a dragon

Rev 13:11-18
It is the USA that will enforce the mark of the beast on the world. They will use force (through their legislation) to make the world worship the first beast whose wound will be healed. USA used to be a Protestant nation but will give up its founding principles of Protestantism and Religious Liberty. Prophecy says it will not end with USA (Rev 13:3).
But there are those who will not bow to the beast

Rev 15:2-3
Will anyone have victory over the beast during this time? (Rev 13:8)

Do you wish to be among them that sing the victory song in heaven?